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6 Easy Ways To Start The Mediterranean Diet – by Marisa Moore MBA RD LD

6 Easy Ways To Start The Mediterranean Diet – by Marisa Moore MBA RD LD

Research supporting the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet continues to mount. The Mediterranean Diet is rich in fruits and vegetables, nuts, beans, fish, plenty of olive oil and of course wine with meals. Well known for its heart health benefits, the diet may also protect brain function and guard against Alzheimer’s...

2012 – A Great Year for Women’s Health Legislation – by Elizabeth Dong

2012 is a great year for healthcare and women!

Stress and the Heart: The Importance of Managing Stress in the Prevention of Heart Disease – by Ijeoma Isiadinso MD, MPH

As a general cardiologist, with a focus in preventive cardiology and women’s health, I am a strong advocate of helping my patients incorporate healthy life practices in their quest to ‘live well’. This has become increasingly important in the current state of economic turmoil and high unemployment rates.  Many...

Addressing the Spirit, but Not Neglecting the Soul – The Benefits of Incorporating Therapy into an Active Prayer life

Guest Contributor, Lorea Sample, Licensed Minister, Owner of Uncommon Scent Creations S.O.S. Some people say that it stands for “Save Our Souls” others “Save Our Ships,” but in reality, it really doesn’t stand for anything; it is merely a distress code that when translated in Morse Code, is easy...