Finding My Time of Day

Spruce Forest in Early Morning Mist at Sunrise, Odenwald, Hesse, GermanyI think I have always naturally been somewhat of a morning person.  However, I never truly realized the impact the morning has on my overall psychological well-being.  Often people will ask me, “What are you doing up so early…do you sleep?” or say “I don’t see how you can get up so early.”  The reality is that as I have gotten older, I have discovered and embraced the fact the morning truly is “MY TIME OF DAY.” It is a time of stillness, of peace & serenity…It is my time for prayer and reflection…It is my time to breathe deeply and focus inward.  It’s my time to journal, and it’s often the only time I have to seek mental clarity.  The morning (early morning to be exact) is my time of day, and I’ve I come to understand and accept that I need this protected time…It’s essential.  While I may not always make it to 10 o’clock, rest assured, I’ll be up bright and early the next day. :-)

Have you found your time of day?


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