Finding Those Energizers

Finding Those Energizers

Every since 2010, it is extremely important to me that I do things that keep me mentally fit.  One particular practical strategy that has helped tremendously is to simply be more mindful about things that truly energize me (in a healthy manner) and try to do more of these things.  Now when I speak of “energize,” I am not referring to artificial or toxic stimulants (e.g. caffeine, drugs) or unhealthy/toxic behaviors;  I am talking about things that truly make my spirit sing — and (for the most part) do NOT come with unwarranted negative side effects or consequences.  Let me share a very recent example…

2015 Headshot session with Eralphia Imagery

2015 Head shot session with Eralphia 3 Imagery

Last week, given the advent of a new year, I decided it was time to update my headshots.  Prior to 2010, I had never had the opportunity of having truly professionally done photos — with make-up, hair, and the whole shebang.   Growing up, I confess that I never truly felt pretty or beautiful and have never really been a huge huge fan of jumping in front of the camera.  However after having the experience of letting go, choosing to just be free in front of a camera, and allowing a true professional the opportunity to do their job of capturing the essence of my external presence…I cannot tell you how incredibly energized I felt.

Taking time to recognize & identify simple everyday energizers can be a truly effective self-care approach to staying mentally fit.  They will not necessarily be the same for everyone. A few others that I have personally identified for myself include, jogging (sometimes), a good night’s rest, walking, Latin Dancing, being a little silly sometimes, celebrating with family and friends, reading Our Daily Bread, listening to various genres of good music, hearing the stories of others, UNPLUGGED Escapes, watching my daughter learn, grow, & progress, and seeing her smile.  The key is to consistently take time to step back for just a moment, recognize & acknowledge how something is making you feel, and identify when something is actually giving you a little “boost of energy.”

So now that I have shared what “energizes” me…I ask the question, “What truly ENERGIZES YOU?

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PS…Since you’ve decided to stick with me ’till the end…Here is some REALLY good stuff to help get you energized!.  Because I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of having a Head Shot session done with a professional photographer and make-up artist, I would really love to see other women have the opportunity to perhaps step outside their comfort zone to experience the potential energy that can be felt from being just a little free in front of the camera.  Thus, I have decided to PAY IT FORWARD  –>

January 2015 Photoshoot with Eralphia Imagery

January 2015 Photoshoot with Eralphia Imagery

—-> For the remainder of January (IOW, between today 1/12/15 and 1/31/15), all NEW email Subscribers to The UNPLUGGED Network will be entered into a special raffle drawing to receive a  $150 HEAD SHOT Session with Trey Eckles of Eralphia 3 Imagery.   You will also receive a copy of the ebook, Mental Wealth, The 6 Secrets of Emotional Abundance.  Existing UNPLUGGED Network Subscribers are automatically eligible, however you must email me with special message letting me know that you’d like to get ENERGIZED.  ONE winner will be randomly selected from all those who subscribe during this time (as well as existing subscribers who email me during this time).  The winner will be selected and announced early February.

To subscribe to The UNPLUGGED Network, you can visit the home page (, and click “Join The UNPLUGGED Network” or you can also subscribe via my Facebook page.  My only request is that when you subscribe, you will decide to sincerely hang around for a while…let’s continue this journey together


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