What Breaks Your Heart?

What Breaks Your Heart?

This past Sunday, Andy Stanley, of North Point Community Church, kicked off a new series called RE:SOLUTION.  During the message, Andy posed a very insightful question, “What Breaks Your Heart?”  One of the reasons I love attending North Point is because they challenge me to grow and take a deeper look within.  As I left church, I began seriously thinking about this question.  It dawned on me that I really already had the answer to this question.  Much of the initiatives and endeavors that I have embarked upon over the past couple of years have been the result of a deep nagging…a strong pull upon my heart.

So What Breaks My Heart? 

It breaks my heart

… to hear stories of women (and men) stressed out to the point of considering or attempting suicide;

… to see women stretched so thin juggling the demands of work and/or home life that they neglect making their health & well-being a priority;

… to witness women caring for everyone else yet failing to care for themselves;

… to hear &  see women feeling guilty about taking time to care for themselves;

… to learn about women suffering in silence;

… to know that many women feel alone;

… to see women emotionally & mentally depleted.

These are just a few of the things that truly break my heart and over the years have caused me to feel great sadness inside.  Interestingly enough, The Unplugged Network & Unplugged Private Escapes for Extraordinary Women were genuinely born from this sadness. My hope and prayer is that, working together, we can improve the overall well-being of women everywhere and by doing so, we can positively impact the overall health and well-being of our communities.

What Breaks YOUR Heart?


Building The Health of Communities…ONE Woman at a Time!!

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